EarthRelated originated from the aspiration to share information and knowledge about the Planet. This site is based on the idea that with a clear purpose, positive intentions, altruistic attitudes, objective and detached engagement we can make the Earth a better place.

I am a geoscientist.  I do what I love and I love what I do.  I wanted to be a geoscientist since I was 16-years old, when my uncle took me on a trip in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania to explore caves.  I was under ground, exploring the deep Earth with only a tiny light attached to my helmet, and I was hooked.  That day I understood that Earth is a mystery, and since then I wanted to learn and experience all I could about it.

This space is an attempt, an experiment, in sharing my love for the mystery of the Earth, and for everything that is related, influences and has influence on it.  It is also a space to be shared, so if you have ideas and want to contribute, please send a note (info@earthrelated.com). Follow me on Twiter @earthrelated , Instagram @koajazz, Tumblr @mihaela.tumblr

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